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Treemera has developed a highly efficient and economical process to manufacture furandicarboxylicacid (FDCA), the building block for high purity PEF.


PEF is 100% recyclable


Bottles, films, fibers and future uses


Made from straw, sugar and fructose


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100% recyclable

PEF is a 100% recyclable bio-based polymer derived from plants. It has the potential to replace the plastic industry´s giant polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is a durable material derived from conventional resources. It can be described as the next generation polyester, having better mechanical and barrier properties than the current biggest selling polyester (PET).  » read more

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O2 barrier for beer bottles and preventing food spoilage

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tensile strength for lighter packaging

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modulus for lighter packaging

- °C


melting temperature (Tm) 235°C (PEF) instead of 265°C (PET)

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CO2 barrier for aluminium
and glass bottles

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H2O barrier for water bottles

+ °C


glass transition (Tg)
for hot filling of food

Applications with unlimited possibilities

PEF can be completely recycled and is based on renewable raw materials. There is no critical waste or use of critical substances in the process. » read more

PEF bottles
Future uses

New technology for future eco-plastics

The starting material is cellulose, sucrose, starch or HFCS. Short process times, excellent control of process conditions and the avoidance of isolating the intermediate HMF are crucial to assure high yields. This differentiates the Treemera process from competing processes, which have low yields, considerable waste and lengthy process times. » read more

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Treemera Team


Dr. Oliver Bolzern
Managing Director

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Mag. Ortwin Ertl

Mag. Ortwin Ertl
Chairman of the Board

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Prof. DDr. Ernst-Günter Afting

Prof. Dr.
Ernst-Günter Afting
Member of the Board

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